Spreading Kindness
Starts With You

During this holiday season brighten someone’s day through an unexpected, random act of kindness
You Got Bless'd Starts Black Friday and ends Christmas Day.

Living a life of generosity.

In Acts 20:35, Jesus said, it is more of a blessing to give, than it is to receive.

Generosity should be shown to everyone, it’s not just reserved for those who are in need. What better time to LIVE GENEROSITY than the holiday season? For some people, this season is lonely, depressing, and even stressful. This is why we are intentional about being a blessing to others through the You Got Bless’d Project. Are you willing to take a break from the hectic holiday schedules to brighten up people’s day by surprising them with a good ol’ unexpected, random act of kindness? Join us this holiday season in living generosity.

How do I get involved?Here are the simple steps to participate in YGB.

  • Step 1: Surprise a Total Stranger With a Random Act of Kindness

    Think of a way to surprise a total stranger with a random act of kindness between Black Friday and Christmas Day. Anyone can participate! There’s no age or financial limitations. Let your creativity flow. We even encourage you to get your family, friends, kids, neighbors, and co-workers involved. The more the merrier!

  • Step 2: Share Your Story

    Capture your generosity with a video, photo or selfie with the people being blessed. Then upload this to the You Got Blessed Facebook page. This gives others a chance to experience first hand the kind of impact generosity has on people. There’s no pressure! If the person you blessed does not want you to record them, please honor their wishes. Find us on Facebook

  • Step 3: Encourage 3 Friends to Join The Fun

    When you bless someone, encourage them to participate in YGB. When you post on social media, be sure to tag at least 3 people that you would like to see participate in the You Got Bless’d project. Give them 72 hours to bless somebody else.


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