PowerSource Bookstore

The Powesource bookstore is kicking off the YGB project with not only a blow out sale but with tons of freebies in each bag!

Sarah Doyle

Today Etta and I met Cecilia and Christopher and blessed them with some Subway!

Chris Joseph

To go along with his Bible I got my brother a book “Representing Jesus” by Dharius Daniel. He usually doesn’t do surprises but not today bro because YOU JUST GOT BLESSED! Pass it on, today do a random act of kindness. Be a blessing to someone!

Kevin Lucas

Liz, Rick, James, and Bob, GOT BLESSED this morning with free breakfast, along with a dozen other patrons by the FCC Men’s HUDDLE at the Honeycutt Coffee Shop in Maricopa. Kevin Garvin, Sterling Weedon, and Kevin Lucas were honored to participate in these random acts of kindness. Who will be next?

Rhuneisha Fields

I just had the pleasure of being served by this beautiful soul. He was even kind enough to help me pick out the nicest gift card. Little did he know it was for him, hehe. This is SO FUN!

Brittany James

I went to QT (my favorite convenient store) and saw Arely walking through the parking lot. She was happy and excited to get her gift card. After I explained what the project was about she still asked if the card was free. I told her I just wanted to be a blessing. She agreed to pass it on.

Evelyn Gaskin

Decided this morning when I stopped to fill up my tank with gas that the first person who pulled up beside me would also get a full tank of gas. Jose was the recipient of that blessing today!

Yvonne Carbin

Blessed Andre who moved to AZ in 2009 from Michigan #goblue, in line at Ross by paying for his Christmas presents.

Angie Vazquez

This morning I had the honor of blessing 4 travelers at the Greyhound station with bags of treats for the road. Some amazing testimonies of the people we were led to bless!

Terila Johnson

Good Morning! I went to Starbucks to write this morning for the first time. I got to meet this handsome gentleman! His name is Ted, and he comes to Starbucks everyday! 345 days a year to be exact (in his own words). He was not very happy with my friend Michelle Sandoval and I this morning because we were sitting …