Terila Johnson

Good Morning! I went to Starbucks to write this morning for the first time. I got to meet this handsome gentleman! His name is Ted, and he comes to Starbucks everyday! 345 days a year to be exact (in his own words). He was not very happy with my friend Michelle Sandoval and I this morning because we were sitting his seat. Ted needs his seat because he has a bad back, and needs easy access to an outlet. So Michelle and I offered to move, but he willingly sat next to us. He sat and worked while Michelle and I wrote, and discussed our dissertations. Well, God being who He is said to bless him. So I blessed Ted with a $15 gift card. In exchange we got to hear Ted’s story, his heart, and he asked me to keep him in my prayers. I am honored to be able to serve Ted in prayer.

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